Wedding Band Found...!!! Pickering, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Tom called me yesterday afternoon and told me that he had lost his gold wedding band earlier in the day doing some yard work around his home.

I was able to make it out to Tom’s home this morning, Tuesday May 1,2012.

This was my second straight search in my hometown of Pickering.

I could get used to all my searches being so close to home.!

Anyway, Tom re-created what he had been doing around the house the day before, like picking up and bagging some yard waste and also re-attaching sprinkler heads around the lawn and gardens, both at the front and back of the house.

I grabbed my gear and we decided to eliminate the bagged yard waste first.

After thoroughly checking both bags without a signal, I moved off


to the backyard to check around the sprinkler heads….nothing.

Then, the backyard was searched and still nothing.

We then moved off to the side of the house where Tom had been trying to wrestle a bush out of the way yesterday, trying to get one of the sprinkler heads re-attached.

Tom held the bush out of the way for me as I scanned the area, and suddenly I got the signal we were looking for.  I grabbed my pin-pointer, located the target and popped it out of some grass clippings and leaves….. there was Tom’s gold wedding band.

After sleeping under the stars for a night, Tom’s ring is now safely back on his finger.

Really happy I could come and help you out today Tom..!!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis