Lost Engagement Ring Found..!! Toronto,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I received a call from Kelly this morning, Sunday May 27,2012, where she told me about her engagement ring she had lost the night before.

Kelly was at a friend’s house down the street from her own, and toying with her engagement ring as she was talking to her friend on the front porch.. At one point, her ring fell from her hand and she heard it clank off the porch steps but had no idea where it landed. There are bushes all around the porch and front of the house. Kelly, her husband and friends began frantically looking for the ring in the dark for quite some time with no luck.

I was able to make it down to her home in downtown Toronto around noon today and had her run me through what happened the night before.


After hearing the story, I had Kelly re-enact what she was doing when the ring fell and had a good idea where to start looking.

After getting all my gear together, and crawling around under some bushes for about ten minutes, I finally got a good signal and reached for my pinpointer. Sure enough, a beautiful white gold and diamond engagement ring popped out of the soil.

Kelly had a great look on her face as I told her we found it, and then watched the relief come over her as she slipped it back on her finger.

I’m really happy I was able help you out today..!!

It was a pleasure meeting you and your family.

Also, thank you very much for the nice reward..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis