Gold Wedding Band Found..!! Toronto,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Chris called me late this afternoon, Saturday May 26,2012 , about his wedding band he lost today while gardening.

I was able to make it down to Chris’s home in downtown Toronto about an hour later. He then took me through the events of the day, and had a pretty good idea where the ring should be in the backyard. Chris told me that he had already spent hours looking for the ring.

After getting my gear together and setting up, I took a few steps into the backyard and then after just a few swings of the coil, I got a nice heavy hit right away. I knew it was his ring even before I pulled out the pinpointer. After pinpointing

the target, I spread the grass a little and there was Chris’s yellow and white gold wedding band.

He seemed pretty amazed at how fast the whole process was. The entire

search took less than a minute.

I love these quick locates..!!

It was my pleasure to come down and help you out today Chris.

Glad your ring is back on your finger.

Thank you as well for the very nice reward.

Chris was a bit camera shy, but his ring wasn’t so I’ve attached a photo of the ring.

Take care,

Mark Ellis