Diamond Ring Found.....!!! Toronto,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Late last night, I had a call from a gentleman that was very upset and distraught about his wife’s engagement ring that had been lost.

We spoke on the phone again early this morning, Tuesday May 8,2012, and I was able to get over to their home for 10:00 am.

Once at the house, the husband had told me that his wife had been mowing the lawn in the back yard and at some point she had felt the diamond and platinum engagement ring fall off of  her finger.

His wife then came out to the backyard

to meet me and I could tell that she was devastated about her ring.  She was crying and shaking she was so upset. I felt so bad for her it was breaking my heart to see her like that. I knew I would find her ring, it was just a matter of time.

I went back to the car to get my gear, set up, and began a grid search of where she had started to cut the grass. She stopped me at one point, and said “Please find my ring for me”. She was crying still, and I told her that I would not go home until she had her ring back, even if I had to camp out in her backyard for the night.

Well, about one minute later after continuing the grid search, I got that beautiful, smooth, solid signal that makes your heart race.

I took out my pin-pointer, located the target and parted the grass.

Wow..!!  There was a massive diamond ring staring back at me. I called her over and said I have to leave now. She looked at me confused and I said I’m going home now……my job is finished.

I said “do you recognize this” and pointed to her ring. She looked amazed and bent down to pick up her ring. As soon as she picked it up, it went right back on her finger and then she started giving me the biggest hugs I’ve had in my life. What a great moment..!! To watch her go from despair to elation in seconds makes this the best job in the world..!!

I’m so happy I could help you out today.

I hope you enjoy your beautiful ring for years to come.

All the best.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



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  1. Chris Turner says:

    What a ring! Nice recovery Mark…..Happy Hunting, Chris Turner

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