Gold Wedding Band Found..!! Pickering,Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

This afternoon, I received a call from Mark who told me that he had lost his gold wedding band today while doing some yard work around his home.

Mark sounded a little bit stressed, and when he began to tell me the story I could see why.

Today is Mark’s 15th wedding anniversary..!!

Probably the worst day imaginable to lose  your wedding band.

I knew I had to find it for him.

As it turns out, I live very close to Mark’s house and left home as soon as we hung up the phone.

I arrived about 10 minutes later and met Mark and his lovely wife. I then had Mark take me through the events of the day. He showed me where he had been raking and picking up some leaves and small branches around the yard and also spreading fresh top soil on his front garden with his bare hands.

I wanted to eliminate the garden first as it was logical that the ring would most likely have slipped off while he was spreading around the top soil.

After thoroughly checking the garden and not hitting the ring, I knew it had to be in with the leaves or somewhere on the front lawn.

We spread a pile of leaves across the lawn a little bit and I started scanning this area.

Right away I got a beautiful, heavy hit and knew by that special sound rings make that we had it.

I spread the leaves apart a little, and sure enough there was Mark’s gold wedding band staring back at me.

I picked it up and handed to him and watched as a smile of happiness and relief lit up his face.

Really glad I could help you out today Mark..!!

I hope you and your wife enjoy your anniversary..!!


Take care,

Mark Ellis



2 Replies to “Gold Wedding Band Found..!! Pickering,Ontario”

  1. Jen and Mark says:

    Hi Mark,

    We just wanted to Thank you again for finding Mark’s ring. We are so greatful to you! You arrived here soon after we called and quickly recovered the ring, we thought it was a hopeless situation. You saved the day; our Anniversary dinner wouldn’t have been the same with that ring missing. Thank you

    Jen and Mark

  2. Laura says:

    Don’t you just love happy ending stories? I’ve seen you happy ending stories in the news before mark…I’ll be keeping ur number handy!

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