Gold and Diamond Ring Found...!!! Mississauga, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Sunday April 1, 2012, I received a call from Mike who told me that he had lost one of his wife’s diamond rings on Saturday, March 31,2012.

Mike explained that he had taken his wife Tammy’s ring and a bracelet to a local

jewelry store to have them fixed. The bracelet needed some work, and a claw on the diamond ring

was coming away from the stone.

After getting everything fixed, Mike drove home and got out of the truck with the ring, bracelet and car keys in his hand. As he stood on the front lawn, his kids came out and started play fighting with him for a minute as he walked along the side of the house to the back yard where a large wooden deck is built.

After stepping onto the deck, Mike opened his hand and realized only the car keys and bracelet were there. The ring was gone..!!!

After searching all over the place for quite some time with no luck, Mike called me.


I was able to make it out there to the house this morning, Monday April 2,2012.

Once there, I met Mike and had him re-create what happened on Saturday.

After running me through what had happened, I went back to the car to get all my gear.

I decided to eliminate under the wooden deck first as this would be the toughest place to access. I wanted to get the dirty work out of the way first, then move on to the grass later.

I used my headlamp to check under the deck and clearly didn’t see the ring. Then I started checking between and behind all the slats in the fence beside the steps up to the deck.

After checking behind the third fence slat near the stairs, I could see a small piece of gold peeking out from under an oak leaf. I moved the oak leaf and there was Tammy’s beautiful gold and diamond ring looking back at me.

I told Mike we had it and he couldn’t believe it. I handed it to him and he just stated laughing.

He looked shocked. Lol  I love this look..!!

I’m really happy I could help you out this morning Mike and Tammy..!!!

I love these quick searches..!! This one took about twenty seconds, and my second recovery in a row where I didn’t even get to turn on my detector.

Also, thank you Mike for the generous reward on such a fast recovery.

I hope you enjoy the ring for years to come.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

2 Replies to “Gold and Diamond Ring Found…!!! Mississauga, Ontario.”

  1. Tammy says:

    Mark, can’t thank you enough for finding my ring! This was passed down to me just recently by my late aunt in England. My family went from being very sad to extremely glad! We can sleep again!! Your skills and experience are unbelievable. I will be honest and say that I was reluctant however, you proved me wrong and words can’t say how grateful we are, thank you Mark you are a godsend!!

  2. Mark says:

    It was a pleasure for me to find your ring Tammy.
    I’m just happy you have it back where you can enjoy it
    for years to come. I think that maybe your Aunt was
    looking over my shoulder today…??


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