Gold wedding band found...!!! Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Friday March 23rd I received a call from Jag about his gold wedding band that he had lost on Thursday.

Jag has just purchased a beautiful new home in Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto and went to look at the house with his children on Thursday.

The house is in a new development which is still under construction and is surrounded by deep mud and a ton of construction materials laying all over the place.


While at the side of his new home, Jag’s shoe sunk into the ankle deep mud and he had to reach down into the mud to extract his shoe and then tried to fling the wet mud of of his hands.

After spending a little more time walking around, Jag and the kids went back home.

Later, Jag noticed that his wedding band was missing and went back to the new property


looking for his ring for hours. He started digging around in the mud and after being unable to find his ring, he conducted a quick internet search which led him to me.

We met this morning, Saturday March 24th, and Jag took me to the new home under construction and showed me the general area where his shoe got stuck in the mud. He then told me about flinging the mud off his hands afterwards which could have thrown the ring anywhere.

After my own shoe sunk ankle deep, I went back to the car to put on my rubber boots and grab my gear. After getting all set up and ready to go, I started walking back to the site with Jag following close behind me.

After years of detecting, you start to develop eyes like a crow… you seem to be hyper alert to all things shiny and items that are round, like coins and rings…..

Well, sure enough, I didn’t even get the chance to turn on my detector.

I spotted the mud covered ring about fifteen

feet away where Jag’s shoe got stuck in the mud. It must have flown off when he shook his hands.

I picked his ring up out of the mud and turned to him and said “Jag, guess what..??? ”

Needless to say, Jag is overjoyed we found his beautiful 18K white and

yellow gold wedding band.

He told me that he hasn’t really slept since he lost it and was worried sick he’d never find it. Well, we found it….

I’m really happy I could help you out today Jag..!!

Enjoy your ring Jag and your beautiful new home.


Take care,

Mark Ellis


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Mark! I had a similar search where i didn’t even get the detector out of my truck. Spotted the ring while he was signing the contract, I was a little bummed as I wanted to use my new V3i detector but happy the ring was recovered!

    Best, Chris Turner

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