Lost gold ring found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Ken on Thursday who told me that he had lost his gold and diamond ring early this spring in his backyard.

Ken was cutting branches and trimming hedges in his yard, and when he was finished, he realized his ring was missing.

He looked all over the yard for it several times and when it didn’t turn up, he assumed it was lost forever.

After thinking about his ring all summer, Ken found me on TheRingFinders, and thought he’d give me a call.

So, I arrived at Ken’s home on Friday morning where I asked him several questions.

He stated that he had recently lost some weight and was well aware that his ring was fitting very loosely, but didn’t want to take the ring off as it’s his wedding ring.

Ken then put me in the most logical place in the backyard where he thought the ring may be and started to walk back into his house.

I turned on my gear and instantly located a rusted , roofing nail. I put it in my pouch and walked two steps and got a very nice signal

that has that unmistakeable sound of a ring. Sure enough, I parted the grass and saw his ring

had obviously been stepped on as it was now pushed in flush with the soil and just the edge of the ring was exposed. I carefully removed his ring and began to walk towards the house just as Ken was entering. I said “Bye Ken I’m leaving now, I’m done for the day” and he just looked at me, confused. I laughed and showed him the ring. He was amazed at how fast the search was, maybe 20 seconds at the most.

He took his ring back and was very happy that it had been recovered.

I wish all my searches only took 20 seconds…!!!

I’m really happy you have your ring back Ken..!!!

Also, thank you very much for the nice reward on such a fast find.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



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