Lost ring found......again.!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I love a good story, and this is a good one…!!!

I had a call last week from a very nice gentleman named Robert.

Robert has a cottage on Sparrow Lake near Gravenhurst Ontario, and he contacted me about his wedding band he lost in the water near his dock.

Last year, Robert was playing with his kids in the water near the dock, and he noticed later that his wedding band was missing.

As he knew it must be in the water around the dock, he went to a local Canadian Tire and bought a French Fry, deep fryer basket to take into the water and attempt to locate his ring by sifting all over the place. After hours in the water with his french fry basket sifting in the area, he actually scooped his ring..!!!

Well, guess what, Robert was playing in the water by the dock again this summer with the kids, and his ring came off again..!!

So, out comes the lucky french fry sifter for the second year in a row…..however, no luck this time.

Robert’s ring has been in the water since early July, sleeping with the fishes.

After getting the details from Robert, I called one of my divers, Brad Newberry who actually lives fairly close to Sparrow lake.

Brad and his diving partner and son, Ryan met with Robert this afternoon and began laying out a grid in the water near the dock.

After entering the water and searching for approximately 45 minutes, Brad and Ryan had located and recovered Robert’s wedding band.  No fry basket required…

Great job Brad and Ryan..!!!  Thank you both for helping me out on this one..!!

Also, Robert, we are all so happy you have your ring back.

Maybe we’ll see you next year…????


Take care,

Mark Ellis