Wedding Ring Found...!! Nobleton. Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I was out shopping with my wife this past Sunday morning, August 28 when I received a call from Diana.

Diana was sounding pretty stressed out when she began to tell me  her story.

Diana’s sister, Monique was getting married on Friday August 26, at a friends 600 acre farm in Nobleton Ontario. Over 100 guests were at the service which was outside near the bottom of a hill where the altar had been set up. It was decided to get the family dogs into the service as well, with the dogs acting as ring bearers.  See where this is going….?????

Diana then tied the groom’s ring around one of the dog’s neck, then the bride, Monique’s ring around the neck of the other dog.

The dogs were paraded around the property, and then were loaded into a pick-up truck where they were driven to the front of the farm so they would be at the top of the hill so two young girls in the family would walk the dogs down the hill to the altar and the rings would be taken off the dogs and the vows could then be exchanged.

Only one ring made it, the groom’s. Monique’s ring, a diamond and platinum ring, had come off the dog “somewhere” on the HUGE property. Several guests searched for the lost ring, however it was not found and the service had to continue without the bride’s ring.

I then dropped my wife off back at home, and raced up to the farm about 45 minutes away.

To be honest, my heart sank when I saw the size of the property where the ring was hiding. However, I knew I would find it “eventually”, no matter how long it took, it was there somewhere.

After a  tight grid search with the help of Marcus, Diana’s husband, for around four hours on Sunday with no luck, we  packed it in for the day and I said I would return today, Monday, August 29.

Diana could not be there today so I went back to the farm alone and met with Ann, the farm hand.

She wished me luck and off I went, on a mission now.!!

I grid searched again for an hour and a half and still nothing. I then stopped  for a minute for a breather and  then silently asked the universe to put me in a better area. I walked to a new location and began a new grid for five minutes and then suddenly, I heard that “special sound” smooth and round. I pinpointed the area, moved some grass aside and there was Monique’s wedding ring looking back at me.

I then met with Ann and we called Diana with the news.

Diana was extremely happy we have her sister’s ring back, and when Monique is back from holiday, she will finally be able to wear her wedding ring for the first time. I’ll post a pic of the bride with her ring when she returns.

I love what I do…!!!!


Take care,

Mark Ellis




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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Fantastic Find Mark! I love happy endings and I’m sure she is very happy now! Send me the picture of her and the ring for The Bbok Of Smiles when you get it…
    best, Chris

  2. Ed Cropski says:

    Wow! Thats great,nice recovery

  3. MATT BOEVERS says:


  4. Mark Ellis says:

    Thank you guys.!!!!

    I really think I had an angel on my sboulder for this one.


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