Scuba Divers on board in Toronto..!!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Thank you to everyone for coming back to my blog page.
I really appreciate it.!!

I just wanted everyone to know that I put a call out a few days ago for local Scuba Divers that could help me out as I have recently had a few calls for deep water searches.

The response was overwhelming..!!
I’m  really excited to say that I now have four PADI Certified divers
and one Certified Commercial diver on board now to help out with any type of deep water search.
All five guys are very nice and all are eager to start helping people out.
Thank you to: Blake, John, Mark, Brad and Rob..!!

Brad has already agreed to conduct a ring search this upcoming Sunday. Good luck Brad..!!
I’ll blog the results of this search on Monday.

Searches can be conducted all across Southern Ontario.

Please call me for details.

Thanks again for coming back to my page.

take care,

Mark Ellis