Lost wedding band found..!! Orangeville, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I received a call from Ben about a week and a half ago about his wedding band that had fallen off in his parents backyard pond.

Ben had been visiting his parents, and decided to do some work around the pond, like pulling out bullrushes and chopping down a tree on a large island in the middle of the pond. He used a floating, wooden dock to place the branches and bullrushes on then laid down on his stomach on the dock and used his hands to paddle to shore. After making a few trips across the water, he noticed his ring was gone.

That’s when I got the call from Ben.

He thought the water was only between 3-4 feet deep and that it would be an easy search for me. He then warned me about large leaches in the pond. Great..!!

We met at the house on Saturday August 6, 2011. What a beautiful home on a very large property..!!

The size of the pond is huge..!!!

As soon as I got into the water and stirred it up, the water turned to black ink. Also, it was a lot deeper than 3-4 feet near the middle.

Closer to 8 feet deep. After trying everything we could with no luck, we called it a day.  Ben asked me to call in a dive team and try again on Monday August 8th,2011. I said I would and left for home. I did not enjoy the drive. I hate leaving a search site with no results.

I returned on Monday August, 8th with John and Luigi, the divers, AWESOME divers..!! They are a father and son team. John is the father. After getting geared up, John entered the water and began to grid search in ZERO visibility as myself and Luigi grid searched the grass around the pond just in case the ring was not in the water.

After searching blind in the pond for over three hours, John pops out of the water with a huge smile, arms raised in a V and Ben’s ring on his thumb..!!! I told you they were awesome divers..!!

We then met with Ben at his work and gave him his ring back. He was very happy and extremely grateful.

So happy we got your ring back for you Ben..!!

I think I’ll take you up on that cold beer now……..

Also, thank you for the nice reward today.!


Take care,

Mark Ellis