Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found..!!! Woodbridge Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011.
I received a call late last night from a very nice woman named Sarita.
She had gone to a baseball diamond with her young son last night to help him with batting practice. She was wearing a baseball glove in the outfield as he was hitting balls out to her.
Sarita told me later that she had put on some sun screen and remembered a few times removing her ball glove in the outfield as it was so hot out last night.
After finishing playing ball, they got into the car, and as she put her hand on the steering wheel she noticed that her ring was gone.
In a panic, she searched to no avail as it was now getting quite dark.
After we spoke on the phone last night, we agreed to meet at the baseball diamond early this morning.
I met Sarita and she had a coffee waiting for me…!! How sweet is that..???
Anyway, I began to grid search the field and after an hour Sarita said that she was starting to lose hope. I begged her not to, as I knew we would find her ring if was still there.
She was an the other side of the ball field searching and then suddenly I got that nice, rounded sound of a ring.
Moving some grass aside, all I could see were several diamonds glistening in the sun. We got it..!!!
I yelled over to her and she came running towards me.
She was shaking as she took her ring and the look on her face was priceless.
Then I got a bear hug. What a morning.!! Coffee, then a bear hug.
How cool is this job..???
I’m so happy we got your ring back Sarita. It is beautiful.
Thank you as well for the nice reward..!!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

3 Replies to “Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found..!!! Woodbridge Ontario.”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Mark! If its there we will find it! Great story and smile.

    1. Mark Ellis says:

      Thank you Chris..!!!!
      Sarita did the right thing.
      She lost her ring, and acted right away.
      Sarita knew she had to “find it fast” and found us.
      The results speak for themselves.

  2. Awesome results Mark.

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