Lost wedding band found in Toronto..!!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

This is a great story, but I’ll try to keep it short.

I got a call from Daniel in Toronto who lost his wedding band on a company “Team Building” exercise through a forest and pond just north of Toronto on Friday July 29, 2011.
As the group went through the pond and onto a forest trail, Daniel felt his ring may have slipped off, and sure enough, it was gone. Daniel began to search for it in the general area. He told me later that his ring was loose as it was and  he had recently lost a bit of weight, which made his ring even looser on his finger. His ring was custom made in Quebec, and was Tungsten Carbide. A Tungsten Carbide ring can not be resized. The melting temperature of this ring is 6000 degrees..!!!
Anyway, he wanted to rent a metal detector from me and give it a go himself as he knew exactly where he had trekked through the pond and forest. If he didn’t find it, he would “call in the big guns” ( that’s me) later.
Daniel came to my house on Saturday morning, and I gave him a quick lesson on how to properly use and search with a metal detector and off he went.
About two hours later, I got a call from a very “pumped up” Daniel who was in shock that he actually found his ring along one of the forest’s paths.
He then drove back to my house to return the gear and then showed me photos of the search site of the forest and where the ring was located. Daniel, wow,..!!! Miraculous…!! Great Job..!!!
You should become a “Ring Finder”…!!!
According to the photos, that would have been a tough search for any of us regular “Ring Finders”.
Like I have said before, “I don’t care how we find em’, as long as we find em”” and Daniel, you did just that.!!!
Again, great determination and perseverance .!!
Way to go..!!
Also, glad you”re out of the “dog house” buddy..!!  😉
Thank you Daniel for a great memory.

Anyone reading this, please take this story of Daniel as a great example,…..  Do not give up hope..!!! Your ring or any other jewelry CAN be found.!!! If you have lost something in a public area, you must act quickly, like Daniel did. Do not wait.!!  Call any “RingFinder” as soon as possible. Take action NOW and let’s get your item found.


Take care,

Mark Ellis

2 Replies to “Lost wedding band found in Toronto..!!!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great story Mark! Keep up the great job!

  2. Mark Ellis says:

    Thanks Chris…!!!
    I’m so happy for Daniel.!!
    He has the coolest ring I have ever seen.
    That ring is so heavy it’s incredible.
    His ring is jet black, the photo I took doesn’t do it
    justice. The ring is awesome..!!!!
    I want one…!!!

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