Lost Ring Found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

This afternoon I received a phone call from “M.B.” from Toronto. ( He asked if he could remain anonymous )
He had lost his gold wedding band playing soccer with some friends on Sunday evening at a soccer pitch on the grounds of a school near his home. MB was playing in net, and threw the ball to a friend and felt his ring fly off. In a panic, MB and his friends searched for the wedding band for almost two hours until it was too dark to see. At one point, they even had a garden rake and raked the grass hoping to snag the ring.
With no luck they called it a night. MB was upset because his wife was on holidays and he didn’t have the heart to tell her he had lost his engraved wedding band over the phone.
So, after MB called me this afternoon, I met him within 30 minutes at the soccer pitch where he showed me the general area where the ring flew off. After duplicating his throw a few times with a test ring, I now had a good idea where the ring would be. After setting up my gear, a grid search was started and not five minutes later, I heard the sweet sound of a ring under the search coil. MB could not believe the ring was found and how quickly on top of that. He was very, very grateful and still not sure if was going to tell his wife or not. He promised me he would get his ring re-sized as soon as possible.
Thank you MB for the generous reward..!! It was my pleasure to get your ring back for you.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Mark! Looks like you already made your start up cost back!
    Chris Turner

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