Lost Ring Found,Brampton..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Wow..!!  This was a tough search, but what a great ending..!!

I received a call from a very upset gentleman named Frank in Brampton,Ontario.

On a family drive last weekend, Frank’s young son asked to play with Frank’s wedding band in the backseat of the car.

Yep, you guessed it…..they heard “Oh Oh” and the ring had gone out the back window at 70km per hour while the son was playing with the ring. The ring was launched into a grassy shoulder with three foot high grass. The problem was, they were at first unable to pinpoint the area of the “Oh Oh” and I spent a day searching quite a ways north of the actual site. We then called it a day.

Later on, another probable site was pinpointed but much further south on the  grassy shoulder of the road.

I met with Frank again on Sunday, June 12, 2011 in the morning.

We threw a few test rings at the new location and now had a great idea how far in the ring would be.

As I went to get my gear from the van for the search, Frank starts yelling for me to come back.

When I got back to where Frank was, he’s standing there holding his ring…!!!

He had looked down at the area at where the test ring landed while I was getting my equipment  from the van and saw his ring laying about two feet away from the test ring. Unbelievable…!!!  We were both shocked. This was truly a “Needle in a Haystack” type search but, the ring was found .!!!   Hey, I don’t care how we find em’  just as long as we find em’. Great job Frank.!!

Frank is once again smiling. Funny thing now is, he seems to be bitten by the metal detecting bug and said he may go and buy a machine for himself and his son. I hope you do Frank. You’re a great guy and I’d love to go on a hunt with you any day.!!

Imagine that, from an upset client to a hunting buddy…..

I love this job..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis