Titanium ring found Kansas City, MO

from Independence (Missouri, United States)
Contact: 1-816-809-6794

Black Titanium Mens Ring

I had received a notification from Kevin who’d lost his titanium band while in the back yard. I was able to visit soon after work the next day and though I’d tried for about 2 hours… no luck. There were a lot of nails, iron and can slaw in the yard which made it slow going. When I got home I did a little research and found that I could tune in my machine (Equinox 800) more toward the titanium range. Well, the next day I gave it another try having set up the equipment to what I’d thought would definitely reveal the location of the ring… Not so fast, I’d reworked the area again, no luck. So after about 30 minutes thought I’d regroup and give it some thought. At this point, I decided to focus more on an area close to the house. This area was full of nails and aluminum scraps etc, no luck. So at this point, with all the trash, thought I’d grab the ole pinpointer and go over this high trash area. Bingo, there she was laying right beside a concrete pad, in the grass at the bottom of the deck. I’d checked the reading on my detector and to my surprise, it read out well below where I would have thought it should. All I know it that Kevin was happy to have this back with him as this was a Promise Ring he’d had since high school. Thank you Kevin for your patience, in the end it all came together.

Black Titanium Mens Ring

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