Lost Wedding Ring Palm Bay Florida Found

  • from Melbourne (Florida, United States)

I received a text at 1:40 AM from a very upset man Jonathan telling me he lost his white gold with diamonds wedding ring while was building a barbeque and doing cement work in his back yard. I did not see his text until Saturday morning when I got up. Before I could call him, he called me. Due to my schedule Saturday was an impossible day for me to go to his home, so we scheduled it for early Sunday morning. I have to give Jonathan kudos for canceling his lawn service until I could get there. I arrived Sunday as promised to be greeted by what a very nice distraught man seeking my help. We walked his property and he showed me where he was working. My fear was it was buried in the concrete he put down of Friday. I started detecting near where he was working with my Nox 800 and after about 15 minutes I got a few bad hits because this is a new home and they used fill that had nails in it before they put the top soil on. Then I got the gold hit and out comes this gorgeous wedding band.  I have to say the look on Jonathan’s face said it all, he just sat down and tears of joy came running down his face. I think I made a new friend today.

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