TheRingFinders of Melbourne Florida he is more than just a treasure hunter he is a treasure finder!

  • from Melbourne (Florida, United States)

If you’ve lost your ring or some other metal object, give me a call or text.  I charge a small site visit fee of $35.00 for land and $ 75.00 for SCUBA, if I except the challenge and we agree on the finder’s fee and I donate 75% of the proceeds to the local animal shelter, this is me giving back to the community.  I have been metal detecting many years in the North East, I moved to Florida in 2010 to become a treasure hunter on the 1715 and 1733 fleets. (you can say that was a dream come true for me.)  

I haven’t been good about keeping my blog posts up to date. Since joining RingFinders I’ve recovered 33 items (as of Jan 20, 2019) for some very happy customers that never thought they would see their valuable items again.  Beaches are my specialty as is shallow water, yards, parks and angry spouses throwing rings, and everything in between. I will search anyplace with the owner’s permission or where legal.

My most recent find was a young girl at the Florida Institute of Technology was doing wedding photos on a wooden bridge and lost her grandmothers wedding ring someplace in the 300-foot swamp that was below. After two bags of trash and 90 minutes later we had success. Needless to say he has been a very happy customer sense.


2 Replies to “TheRingFinders of Melbourne Florida he is more than just a treasure hunter he is a treasure finder!”

  1. Alisin says:

    Welcome to the Team Marc!!! Master!!

  2. Dave Millman says:

    Welcome, Marc! If you can’t catch up on your blog posts, consider posting a collection of ring photos if you have them!

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