Lost Ring Paia Bay, Maui

from Maui (Hawaii, United States)
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On June 21, 2014 while at Baldwin Beach on the North Shore of Maui I was metal detecting in search of a cell phone lost in the sand. Due to recent high surf action the beach had been cut away and there was a good six foot drop off from the upper flat beach to the surf.  As I was searching along the edge of the bank for the phone I noticed a woman lying in the surf below me staring at me.  At some point the woman stood up and walked up to me said “can you please help me”. Here is the rest of the story:

The woman proceeded to tell me that about four months prior she had buried a ring her boyfriend had given her in the tree line above the adjacent beach and she was wondering if I could help her find it.  I agreed to help and as we walked to the tree line about 250 yards from where we had met my heart just sank as I listened to her story.  She stated at the time she buried the ring she was nine months pregnant with her prior boyfriend’s baby and her emotions were running so high that she simply felt she did not deserve the ring form her current boyfriend so she buried it under a tree.
She stated two days later she delivered a healthy baby boy and that after having the baby things calmed down in her life and even though she and her boyfriend eventually parted ways, they remain close friends to this day.  She related that she had still often wondered about the ring and stated prior to seeing me metal detecting she had been lying in the surf racking her brain as to how she could find the ring and then it was as if I had appeared above her.

Once we reached the tree line she pointed to a stand of trees that she thought she had buried the ring under. As I looked at this huge stand of trees I thought, “well this could take a while”.  In any event I put on my headphones and went to the first tree and with my first swipe of the coil I received a good signal. To my surprise on my very first scoop I retrieved the ring she had buried.  What a great day.

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Lost Ring Paia Bay 06-21-14

2 Replies to “Lost Ring Paia Bay, Maui”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Cool story, nice and easy find.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    First time lucky! Remember that search and also remember it’s not always that easy!
    Way to go on the recovery!

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