Lost Ring Hamoa Beach, Maui

from Maui (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-344-2259

About four months ago while metal detecting under the water (using scuba gear) at Hamoa Beach, near Hana on the Island of Maui I had searched hard for over an hour and had not found a darn thing, which is very usual for me.  The water was rough and it was simply difficult conditions to search in.  Running low on air as I was getting out of the water when I was approached by a woman that told me her husband had just lost his eye glasses in the surf.  I suspected his glasses had ended up in the trashline, the area where a wave that has came ashore and is retreating hits the next wave coming in.  The two waves impacting each other creates an almost continually churn in a circular motion where debris, goggles, flippers and junk often end up.   I could not look long due to my air running low but I went back in.  I was in about three feet of water looking in the trash line and was not having any luck.  The water had gotten a rough, I was getting tossed around quite a bit and then this darn piece of paper kept floating in front of my dive mask and blocking my view.  I swatted the paper out of my view several times while looking for the glasses but the paper just kept coming back so I finally grabbed it.  Running low on air I walked out of the water and told the woman that I was sorry but that I simply could not find her husband’s glasses.  The woman offered to pay me for looking and told her that she did not owe me anything.  Still having the paper in my hand I walked to a trash receptacle and as I looked down to thrown the piece of paper away I noticed it was a $100 bill.  The moral, good deeds result in good karma.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That is Karma! Nice find! I like how it kept on coming back to you!

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