Lost Ring Black Rock, Maui

from Maui (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-344-2259

I am a scuba diver and will search for client’s property down to at least 60 feet under the water.  About three weeks ago I was metal detecting on the west side of Maui and was about 20 feet below the surface working the bottom looking for a client’s ring when all of a sudden I felt something gently hit my left shoulder.  As I looked to my left I saw something bouncing off my shoulder and reached out and caught it and as it turns out, it was a GoPro.  A few seconds later I felt a tap on my shoulder and to my surprise there was a female snorkeler above me motioning me to the surface.  I was actually impressed that she had free dove down the 20 feet to tap me on the shoulder.  Please keep in mind when I metal detect under water in beach walk situations I generally don’t where flippers and I also carry about 35 pounds of weights on me to keep me on the bottom and steady.  When working like this I walk in and out of the water and don’t generally attempt to surface as with all the weight and no flippers it is difficult to maintain yourself on the surface.Anyway,  I put just a little air in my BC and slowly went to the surface and as my head cleared the surface the woman was there stating that she had lost her GoPro and asked if I would look for it.  I felt myself sliding under the water and without even removing my regulator or speaking a word to her I just held out the GoPro and as she took it I slipped under the water.  Metal Detecting underwater is hazardous so “don’t try this at home”.

2 Replies to “Lost Ring Black Rock, Maui”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    That is amazing! The thought of someone taping my shoulder under water would be a little surprising to say the least!

  2. Jessie says:

    There is currently some posts on Facebook regarding a black men’s wedding ring that has been found in the black rock area that was lost in 2014. The initials engraved were ALD and DJM.

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