Lost Ring Airport Beach, Maui

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On May 31, 2014 I received a frantic call from a woman who stated that she had lost her solitaire engagement ring on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii which is on the Island of Maui.  Lahaina is on the opposite side of Maui for where I live so it took me about an hour to get to Airport Beach.  The woman had called me twice while I was on my way to insure I was still coming.

The story of how the ring was lost was that she had taken off the ring and put it in her beach bag earlier in the day but that at some point her husband had removed his wallet from the beach bag and that is when she suspected the ring had fallen out of the bag.  Of course as luck would have it, the couple had been to two different beaches that day and had been laying out at two different spots on each beach and they had no idea where the ring had been lost.

Upon arriving the woman was frantic as there was only about an hour of daylight left and we had two spots to search on the first beach and a twenty ten minute drive to the second beach.  My first search area was about a forty by sixty foot area and as I always do now, I informed the couple not to get excited if they see me scooping for something as there are tons of pull tabs, coins and bottle caps to shift through.  Yes when I first started doing this it never dawned on me to give that warning and a female customer almost tackled me in excitement over a pull tab so now I warn.

I was about ten minutes into my grid search and after finding a couple of coins and a pull tab or two, I received a strong signal.  I dug a scoop and to my surprise came up with a solitaire diamond ring and a diamond wedding band in my scoop.  As I was taking the rings out of my scoop the woman came running toward me but all I could think at the time was that I had found someone else’s wedding set as there were two rings, not just the one solitaire as she had described.  As she got close to me I had to tell her that I did not think this was her ring as it was a wedding set.  Her response was, “They are mine, I’m pregnant, my husband was yelling at me and I just forgot to tell you there were two rings”.  In the end she showed me a picture to prove the rings were hers.

Believe it or not, this is the second time I have had a woman tell me I was looking for only one ring when in fact there was a set missing. The moral of the story, I will never forget in the future to ask how man rings I am looking for no matter what the customer says.

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3 Replies to “Lost Ring Airport Beach, Maui”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Great job Mac, awesome find.

  2. Good work Mac… Yes, I had a woman do the customer do the same thing. Reported only 1 ring then a short time later, the customer told me there were actually 2.

  3. Greg DeLong says:

    another happy ending.

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