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  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Hey Ring Finders, its Luke here. I have not posted anything in a while… mainly because I have not been able to help anyone. I did today however, go and look for a piece of a ladies ring. It broke at some point in time during a full day of hiking and yard work,  but she felt it had to be in the yard somewhere and I looked everywhere. I felt that there would be enough metal that came off the ring to detect, but if that piece was not there, then I couldn’t and didn’t find it. I did some time ago look for a mans tungsten wedding ring. He took it off and set it on a bench before putting on some sun screen. That was the last time he saw it. I looked all around the bench area and made a 100 ft circle around it . With no luck in finding it he and I both came to the conclusion that it grew legs and walked off sometime after he left on that busy 4th of July day. That has been it for me in almost a year of being on the website. I have  nothing against the ring finder and I will keep my post going and maybe someday I will be able to show you guys a happy person to have their ring back. Thank you Chris for setting this site up and giving people a way to have a better chance of finding what they have lost.

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  1. Bill Jones says:

    Hey Luke, keep getting out there! here is no feeling like recovering something valuable for someone, like you I don’t always find the item I’m searching for, sometimes it’s because the folks are not really sure where they lost it and other times because it has been picked up by someone. One thing I have found is that it is rarely exactly in the area they assume it was. CHeck out my Blog page for some of my finds. BTW, I also advertise on Kijiji and Craig’s List.

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