Silver Engagement ring found! You won't believe how quick this happened!

  • from Tompkinsville (Kentucky, United States)

Larry Stephens and I drove an hour and a half away to Franklin, KY to attempt to find a lost silver engagement ring. The lady lost it in a freshly-mowed yard and they raked and looked for an entire day with no luck. I videoed an intro to the search and was heading back to the truck to get my detector when Larry yelled I wouldn’t need it. Within minutes he had located the ring… it was the first target signal. It was a quick and fun return and the owner was very pleased and surprise we found it so quickly. Here is the YouTube video link:

2 Replies to “Silver Engagement ring found! You won’t believe how quick this happened!”

  1. Griff says:

    Silver?…looks like white gold. Good job

  2. Loy Milam says:

    Yeah it was silver… rang up much higher than gold on the detector. Thanks for watching.

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