Lost iPhone returned after laying on lake bottom since March - Dale Hollow Lake

  • from Tompkinsville (Kentucky, United States)

While scuba diving at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee, I found an iPhone on the lake bottom. I did a video of the dive and uploaded it to YouTube and posted a link on a few Facebook pages.

One of those pages was the Dale Hollow Lake group page. Within a few hours I get a message from a lady named Kristy that said it is her phone. I had removed the SIM card from the phone and place the phone in a container of rice to dry. I was able to get a phone number from the card and Kristy correctly identified the number.

I met her at Holly Creek Marina and returned her phone. She informed me that the phone accidently fell into the lake in March (I recovered it July 22). What a fast return and a great ending to a great dive!

Here is a link to the Original Dive Video

And here is a link to the Return Video