Lost wedding band recovered after Two Years.

  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Chris and His recovered wedding band

March ,28 2022 – Today I received a phone call while I was on a local beach detecting. Chris had explained that he had lost his 14Kt White Gold wedding band on his property and was on the Ringfinders site and noticed I was in his town. Speaking with him I told him I could be over within the hour. Once I arrived,Chris explained he had lost the ring 2 years ago while cleaning his yard, he threw Leaves over a fence into the woods and he noticed the ring had come off. He has searched since then (2020) for the ring with no success, even considering buying a detector himself. The area the ring went into is heavily overgrown with briars and has a health depth of leaves and debris.He does maintain a clear path around the fence which was wonderful and helpful in the search. After discussing all the details of the event a few years ago, I started to search the inner yard near the fence seeing there could be a chance it came off and dropped in the immediate area. After searching the area no real targets presented themselves, so I moved to the outside of the fence. This was a difficult area due to years of things accumulating not only leaves but ( foil, nails, etc) I decided I would make a search first before changing to my sniper coil. as I moved to the area where he said he threw the leaves I had gotten some mixed signals, After digging a few targets I found a piece of foil an inch down in the natural peat, using my pointer I still had a signal and right below the foil was His beautiful ring with a few diamonds showing. The ring had migrated down 2 inches since he had lost it. Needless to say Chris was very happy as you can see in the picture, and I was relieved because I certainly thought briars and thorns were going to be a part of my search for a good portion of the time .hank you or Calling Chris I was very happy to help you find the ring, as well as talking about a few other things.




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  1. kris pritchett says:

    Louis is an honest and excellent person to work with. He made the whole process smooth and easy. He is very personable and really seems to enjoy what he does. Easily within 45 minutes he had found my long lost wedding ring hidden between the briars and my fence a few inches below the surface. I could not be happier with the service Lou provide with today. I would recommend him to anyone who has lost anything of value whether its jewelry. a cell phone, or anything metal. Just give him a call and Lou will do the rest. Thank you Lou for everything today, you made me quite happy!

    1. Louis Sarkas says:

      Thank you for the kind review kris, your a great guy also. I am
      So glad I was able to help you.

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