Lost Micro SD Card Found in Maryville, Illinois

from Marion (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-618-969-2054


Alex contacted me and stated he lost a Micro SD card that had valuable information he could not afford to lose.  He had forgotten he had laid it on his lap before he got out of his truck.  He had parked next to a grassy area and was pretty certain that is where it fell from his clothing.  He attempted a visual search to no avail.  I informed him there was not much metal in those cards and I would have to test one of my cards with my equipment and call him back.  All of my coils that were eight inches or larger would not pick it up.  I put a five inch coil on my Fisher CZ-5 and, with full sensitivity, it picked it up one inch from the coil with a foil reading.  I returned Alex’s call and told him there was a good chance I could find the card for him.  We set up a meeting time at the place where he lost the card.

Upon arriving at the site, Alex pointed out the area where the card was most likely lost.  After about 20 minutes of finding nothing but small pieces of aluminum and foil, the next signal revealed his card lying in the grass.  What is remarkable is the area had been mowed since he lost the card.  Alex was very happy to get his card back and I was glad I could locate it for him.

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  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Great job Lee! Those are a bear to find.

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