Lost Wedding Ring Retrieved from Carlyle Lake, Illinois

from Marion (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-618-969-2054

Shawna was at the beach wading in chest high water when she felt her wedding ring slide off her finger and fall to the bottom of the lake.  She and her friends made several attempts to find the ring with their hands.  Shawna’s friend, Mindy, knew a person in the area for whom I found a ring several weeks earlier and called her for my contact information.  They contacted me and we agreed to meet at the lake the next day.

Upon arriving, Shawna showed me where they put markers in the trees along the shore to indicate the general area where she lost her ring.  This proved to be very helpful in selecting the search area.  After several sweeps of the search area, I received a solid signal.  Upon retrieving the target, her wedding ring was visible on the bottom of the scoop.

It was great to see the joy on Shawna’s face when she was reunited with her lost wedding ring !!!

IMG_1508       IMG_1510


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