Wedding Ring Found in Belleville, Illinois

from Marion (Illinois, United States)
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Josh’s wife, Charis, was swimming next to the dock in their pond when she felt her wedding ring starting to slip off her finger.  She grasped the ring in her hand and headed for the shore.  As she was trying to exit the pond, she fell down in the water and when she came up the ring was gone.  Over the next several days, Josh made attempts to find the ring on his own with no luck.  He then decided he needed help and went to Google where he found me on my Ring Finder’s website.  Josh told me he had a very upset wife on his hands and asked if I could help.  A few days later, I arrived at Josh’s and he showed me the general location in the pond where she fell.  After hearing a solid signal and several attempts of scooping through the mud, Charis’ ring appeared on the top of a scoopful of mud.  A very relieved Josh told he me he was going to surprise Charis with the ring later in the evening when she got off work.


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  1. I’m sure wifey had a restful sleep after the ring was returned to her finger!

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