Lost wedding ring on a bike path in Ottawa Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

Robert and his wife were biking when his bicycle chain came loose. After repairing his chain, his hands were dirty and he rubbed them in the grass. That’s when he felt and saw his ring fly off. They searched and others stopped to help.. In desperation to find the ring, they even ripped out some of the grass out but still couldn’t see it. A passerby offered them a rake but still nothing. At least an hour had passed and even though he saw it fly and land, they couldn’t find it. His wife did a Google search and came across us on The Ring Finders. Within 25 minutes we were there. He explained to us where he was and Eric stood right on the spot and asks “who will find it first?”. I told him you as you’re starting right there lol. He moves over and says I’ll let you go first. I scan the immediate area, which was approximately 4’x 4’. I then turn and get a sweet double tap on the surface, spread the grass and there it was ha ha! I think we made it look way too easy as the first thing he asked was, “is it always that quick?” We smiled and said no, but when someone feels it come off, it’s that much easier to find. It made all of our day!


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  1. James Mathias says:

    You too rock. I love these stories of finding rings and making people happy, keep up the great work.

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