Lost ring in a snowy parking lot Ottawa Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
Courtney felt her ring slip off last Saturday while clearing the snow off her vehicle. She searched the area, but with the ground in the parking lot was covered in snow, she couldn’t find it. When she returned, the plow had pushed all the snow into one corner of the lot. This ring was her grandmother’s wedding ring and is irreplaceable… She decided to do a search and came across Laurie’s post and reached out for help. We started our search but there was one vehicle parked right up against the snow pile. After scanning around it, I asked to have the vehicle moved. I started scanning the area and got a solid signal. I started chipping away at the ice and eventually had a chunk of ice with the target in it. Unable to see anything in the ice, I gave it to Laurie to break up in smaller pieces as I continued to swing the coil. Laurie could see something but chipped at it slowly until she saw what looked to be a diamond setting in a chunk of ice. A few moments later, I hear the 2 of them yell out “THAT’S IT!!!”. they had revealed the diamond. Courtney was happy to be reunited with her sentimental ring. Another happy ending!

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