Found and Returned



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  1. Allie was visiting a local beach and was some thirty miles from home when she felt her engagement ring slip off while swimming. She and her friends searched for hours for the ring to no avail. When she went home she was heart broken. Allie went on line to find a metal detector to rent and that is when she found Chris Turners website The Ring Finders. Allie called one of The Ring Finders members And he searched to no avail. Allie called another Ring Finder and again no luck. Through shear perseverance Allie called me About two weeks later. The first day I searched I had no luck so I tried again and again and finally I had found it. When I called her to let her know Allie was in disbelief. When I handed the ring to her later in the day, The perseverance had paid off and Allie was filled with Joy once again.

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Way to hang in there and get the prize! Did you expand the search area to places that hadn’t been hunted, or, was it just missed by previous searches?

    1. Larry Fielding says:

      Thanks Mark, It was just a matter of expanding outward into deeper water. It wasn’t much farther out than the area that had already been searched.

  3. Larry Fielding says:

    Thanks Mark, I did expand the area. I went farther out than she thought that she had been. I found it about thirty feet farther out than had been previously detected.

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