Lost diamond ring went out the window with the banana peel, found in the Everglades, East of Naples, Florida

from Naples (Florida, United States)
Contact: 239-247-0760.



Next time you’re driving down the road and go to toss a banana peel out the window, be sure your ring doesn’t go with it!

This young lady’s diamond engagement ring went flying when she tossed her peel hard enough to get it to the grass on the other side of the highway. For hours, she and her family searched near and beyond where the peel had landed, but couldn’t find the ring.

When she called us the next day, my wife and I both went out there and searched all over that side of the highway, but no luck. Before we left, we started checking the other side of the road, and low and behold… there it was… way past where it was supposed to be, and on the opposite side.

Like they say, “If it’s not where it’s supposed to be, it’s where it’s not!”

Found the ring WAY BEYOND where it was supposed to be.

Found the ring WAY BEYOND where it was supposed to be… on the opposite side of the road.







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