Pismo Beach gives up another lost treasure

  • from Pismo Beach (California, United States)

The sun had just come up and I was in the back yard watering the plants with a cup of joe in my hand when the phone rang, it was a lady asking for help for a friend who had lost her diamond wedding ring the afternoon before in the surf at Pismo Beach. I asked for the details…Lindsay, the lady who had lost the ring had been setting in a few inches of water at the edge of the surf when an incoming wave just sucked the ring right off her finger, she saw it come off, but was not fast enough and the surf and sand buried the ring before she could even move. Reality set in as Lindsay frantically searched for the ring, it was gone and she thought she would never see it again.

Bright and early the next day Lindsay and family went back to the beach with a metal detector they had bought at Big-5, but not knowing how to use it and the fact it was not capable to operate in the surf they had just about given up hope when a local detectorist wandered by with an offer to help, but when he realized it was in wet sand and incoming surf he could not help either as he was not set up to work in the water, he suggested they contact me through “The Ring Finders” knowing of my capabilities to hunt in and out of the salt water.

I arrived at the location as fast as I could knowing there is only a small window to search with an incoming tide threating to cover the area which was exposed right then. I had told Lindsay to mark out an area on the beach giving me an approximation of where she had been setting so when I arrived I could start searching immediately. After two passes on the start of my search grid with waves hitting me knee high I had that tone in my headphones telling me I had a target that sounded right. I made one deep dig and after washing out the sand heard the rattle in my SS scoop that told me I had something good. I walked up to the dry sand where Lindsay and family were watching from and told her to look in the scoop…..she reached in and brought out the lost ring and then started to cry, she was sure the ring was gone and almost had called me, telling me not to come since it was lost in the surf and probably would not be found.

Lindsay got her ring back, I got the satisfaction of beating Pismo Beach out of another one and we all had a good day after that!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    my story / So as you all know , I left Sacramento yesterday to go on a trip with some great friends to pismo beach . We got here and got settled and then ventured out to check out the beach . I was so happy to be at the beach I just feel like a little kid when I’m by the water . Me and my friends walked towards the waves laughing and playing and everyone was having a great time . Until something horrible happened .. A nightmare … I FELT MY WEDDING BAND SLIP FROM MY FINGER . I can’t really explain how I felt at that moment .. My heart felt like it completely stopped . The waves took it , it was gone . Only being a couple of hours in enjoying my trip that all ended .. Me and my friends on our hands and knees feeling for my ring . One of my friends walking up and down the beach telling everyone . I was in tears .. As I was walking along the beach , I was crying out to god “please let me find it .. “Please let it wash up to the shore”. But I knew it was gone . My wonderful friends didn’t give up , one insisted we go on a search hunt to find a metal detector .. So we did . We found one at BIG FIVE . Not knowing what the hell we were doing we went back later that evening . It was getting dark but my friends didn’t want to give up , by that time I was keeping in contact with my husband , heartbroken , my husband just told me to let it go and try to enjoy my trip even tho deep down it made him sick . We searched and then gave up it was way too dark and freezing cold .. We talked about coming back in the morning , but I just told my friends there’s no hope .. It’s GONE . Let’s just enjoy our trip , I just didn’t even wanna think about it anymore . But my friends were constant ., they had more hope then me ! We went back the next morning bright and early 6:45 walking up and down the beach with our metal detector … And NOTHING. We noticed this man further down the beach with a metal detector all the sudden out of nowhere , my friend runs up to him . He comes and talks to all of us . He was showing us how to correctly use the metal detector and chatting with us for a minute . He mentioned that he knew a guy that is a ring finder and he gave us his number . And all I have to say was WHAT A BLESSING ! We called him , his name was Larry . He met us about 45 minutes later walking down the beach .. A big jolly man that looked like Santa , he was well equipped with his metal detector gear . Now seeing this guy I was still thinking there’s no way . He talked to us told is a little about himself .. He has been a treasure hunter for the past 15 years .. He comes out every day at 4 in the morning . He has found over 36 rings , two watches and I’m sure many other things . That’s not all ! He has a website .. He post his findings on his website , he finds and helps people at pismo that lose there Jewelry. He does this out of the kindness of his heart .. Of course people end up giving him some kind of reward but you can tell he just loves to do this for others just to see them smile . To make a long story kind of short lol .. He asked me questions on where about we were when I lost it . I tried my best to show him . He told me he would look and see what he could do . Me and my friends stayed on the beach and watched Larry walk up and down the beach about 3 times tracking .. Until all the sudden I look up to him digging .. He came across something .. He played it cool and started walking towards us . Now I had no clue at all what he could have found and I definitely didn’t think he would have found my ring since we were far out .. At this point It was 24 hours since I had lost it . Well he walks up to us and we are sitting there on the beach . With his little catcher stick he looks at me and says “this wouldn’t be your ring would it ? With a smile on his face and I took a glance in complete shock a disbelief . Sure enough . Larry FOUND MY WEDDING BAND!!! I’m still in complete shock !! This was not luck folks this was GOD!! I called my husband and woke him up to the news . He couldn’t believe it , I can’t believe it . People were stopping on the beach in tears , we were all in tears . I must of hugged that man so hard !!! I guess the message I have for anyone reading this is never lose faith .. Nothing is impossible, even if it seems like it is . Even tho yesterday seemed like the worst day ….I honestly felt like just ending this trip and going home .. I wouldn’t change a thing about anything that happened . God continues to amaze me .. Every person we came across along the way on this trip about my lost ring were all so kind . I got the privilege to meet and hear this amazing man Larry , I got to hear his story . My friends really stood by my side this whole trip and even contributed there time and even money .. I’m so thankful and grateful . It wasn’t about my ring being expensive or the diamonds ..it was the ring my husband put on my finger and asked me to be his wife , it was the ring i was going to pass down to one of my children .. It meant something to me … And I can proudly say that I have it back where it belongs … Thank you lord , thank you Larry and thank you to my amazing friends .. To top it off my story with my picture will be posted on his website tomorrow! Just amazing , I will never forget this trip !! My friend caught a lot of this on camera . Excuse the happy tears I couldn’t stop crying I still can stop

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