Another recovery in Avila Beach Calif.

  • from Pismo Beach (California, United States)

The night had been warm and muggy so unable to sleep any longer at 4 am I decided to hit Pismo beach for some early morning hunting and to just get out of the house. Around 8 am and no great finds just the usual clad and crown tops I knew I needed a cup of joe and some grub if I was going to make the rest of the morning. I was putting the gear away in the back of my beach wagon, a 91 Isuzu trooper when the cell phone went off telling me there was a message, I don’t carry the phone on the beach. There was a message from a lady named Stephanie who told me she had lost a ring the day before while on the beach in Avila about 6 miles north/west of Pismo and if I could help her please call.

I dialed the number and a pleasant voice came on, it was Stephanie, she told me the ring was gift from a late aunt and had more sentimental value than anything, I asked how she had lost it.  She had taken the ring off and set it in the cup holder built into the beach chair then when leaving the beach folded up the chair not remembering the ring and proceeded to her car, about half way there it struck her that she had not put the ring back on and started feverishly backtracking her steps and looking for the ring. After a few hrs with no success she gave up for the day and intended to come back the next day, it was while at home and doing a search on the web she found “The Ring Finders” and me. I told her that I would meet her at the beach after I had a little breakfast and could she tell me the general area that she had been in so I could check things out if I got there before her.

After Coffee and some filling biscuits & gravy  I headed out to Avila Beach to see what I could find. I was there about 1/2 hr. before Stephanie and had found some clad and quite a few crown tops, but no ring and would have never found it if I had not look down the beach to see someone going between the sunbathers with a cheep beep-beep machine as if looking for something, not even close to where I thought Stephanie had told me she had lost the ring. I wandered down the beach and it was Stephanie and her husband with a barrowed detector trying to figure it out.  They showed me the area that they had been in and as I looked around I thought this might be a tough hunt as there was quite a few sunbathers already covering that area of the beach, but I just worked my way between them and in less than 5 min I had a hit that I knew was it, but told her it was just aluminum keeping her in suspense then as I handed the ring to Stephanie I could see the look of relief on her face as she got a smile from ear to ear. Yep that was the wayward ring and it was now home.

Score another one for The Ring Finders.