Lost gold found Brooksville Fl.

from Muskegon (United States)
Contact: 1-231-557-7510


Last year I was talking to a family friend about metal detecting. He told me his wife Rose had lost a gold ring. She was tending to her garden at their winter home in Brooksville Fl.. When she finished her work she noticed her ring was missing. This was a very special ring to Rose as it was a Mother’s Day gift from her children.

I winter in Gulf Shores, Alabama so I decided to drive the 7hr to look for her ring.  After my wife and I arrived at their house  Rich asked if we wanted to come in.  I told him we could visit after I find search for the long lost ring.  Rose explained to me where she was working that day.  So I started searching the garden area. After about 10 minute of metal detecting my trusty fisher gave me the ring tone. I looked at the ground an there in the grass was the ring Rose had lost last winter.   I ask her if this was her ring? She never answered the  question. But I could tell by the big hug and the smile this was the Brookville gold I was looking for.  Then it was time to get something to eat. Rich and I are Old Marines so of corse we went to the Brooksville Marine Corp league club for lunch. By the way they have the best chowder.

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