Diamond ring found in Gladwin Mi.

from Muskegon (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-557-7510

imageI received a call from Eric asking if I could find a family heirloom engagement ring for his fiancé, Shelby.

He had explained to me he had proposed to Shelby on the 4th of July at a family gathering. After the proposal the family went for a ride on their pontoon boat, Shelby gave  Eric’s mom the ring to hang onto, she laid the ring on a towel beside her, the towel got moved the ring fell into the lake.

After listening to the story, I decided to drive the three hours to their home. We then got on the boat and they drove me to the spot where the ring had fell into the lake.  This location had many years of family parties, therefore I retrieved many pull tabs and bottle caps. I searched for about an hour, I finally brought the scoop up, asked Eric  to look inside and to see if this was the ring they had lost.  The smiles and tears of joy told me it was.

Thanks to Eric and Shelby for the generous reward.




5 Replies to “Diamond ring found in Gladwin Mi.”

  1. Shelby says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are absolutely incredible at what you do. Words cannot express how thankful and grateful we all are for all of your help. This story is definitely one for the books! I’m glad we were lucky enough to have this happy ending. Thank you again, for everything.♡

  2. KR…
    Really sounds like you are the hero in this story… that’s great!! You went the ‘extra mile’ (in fact, many miles)on this one and had a lot of time involved. It’s nice to be successful when you have invested so much time and energy.

  3. Chris Turner says:

    Nice work KR…Sounds like it could have taken a long time with all the targets in that location…Nice recovery and I’m happy that Shelby is reunited with her engagement ring!

  4. Congratulations Ken on your first ringfinders find. You are definitely a hero to Eric and his fiancée. I’m sorry I could not assist you as I am going to Buffalo, NY. Watch over Michigan while I am gone.

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