Metal detecting, lost rings found, Colorado

  • from Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)

Recent recoveries



These rings are some of our recent recoveries found in Colorado.

We are newly retired from federal service. Yahoo! That has allowed us the opportunity to devote our time to our metal detecting business. Harris Detecting and Recovery LLC. Our mission is to assist in recovering lost items. We use a variety of metal detecting equipment to search land and shallow water.  We have over 20 years experience.  Our detecting has taken us all around the US and to many countries. Have detectors, will travel! We have recovered just about anything  metal that you can imagine – rings, bracelets, necklaces,  pendants, watches,  cell phones,  iPods, Fitbits, keys, knives, guns, ammo, relics, medals, and of course coins.

Available for private party, insurance and law enforcement searches. We would be honored to assist you in locating your lost items.

Jan and Kevin

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  1. Matt says:

    Lost my ring while fixing a Xmas Decoration in our yard. My ring flew off last night and we looked for about 45 mins last night but it was too cold. Tried looking this morning and we still couldn’t find it. My brother found this company, I called, they came and within 5 minutes they found my ring!!! They were so professional and quick. So glad they found it & glad their is a service like this. Would recommend this company to anyone who needs help looking for a lost ring or other jewelry. #thankful #grateful #blessed

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