Lost Ring Burleson,Texas Ft.worth,Texas

from Weatherford (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-817-999-0840

Newly married couple, a young man and young lady, were looking for help finding his lost wedding band, when they found Kerry & Stephanie at http://www.TheRingFinders.com
Mr. Young said, “I may have lost it outside, throwing a ball to my new puppy? I did not have time to have it sized for my finger yet. I’m so upset because we just got married and my wife is pissed! She’s been telling me I was going to loose it! Now… We can’t find it and have looked all over! I’m wearing this rubber ring until it’s found! Can you guys please help?” “Why… Yes we can! That is the Ring Finder’s slogan… “You loose it, We’ll find it!”
So, we tell him, “Sounds like a job for http://www.TheBootyHunters.com with our trusty AT Gold Metal Detectors! All rings recently lost should be right there in the grass, at dirt level. Even if it’s stepped on, it still will read 2-4″ right there on top! If it’s there… It should be no problem locating it! Which is much easier than having to dig for relics and coins in hard dirt! Which that is what we are doing on our YouTube Shows as The Booty Hunters Metal Detecting!” So… Off we go into the Ford, Raptor, we affectionally call the “Booty Wagon,” for you dirty minded folks out there…That’s Pirate Booty, if you hear us say that on our shows!~ lol
We love finding jewels, watches, and rings, and as a true metal detectorists will tell you… Most finds dont come with a smile, more like a frown for the clown. The average metal detecting finds such as bottle caps, old cans, tin foil and nails are most common items found with metal detectors. So, getting a chance to find someone’s lost jewelry, whether it be valuable jewels or just something sentimental, adds to our experience level AND puts a smile on EVERYONE’S face! It’s a wonderful feeling to get to be a part of that emotional find! We understand… Some things you can’t replace! So if we can help… We’re in!
So in the case of Mr. and Mrs. Young’s… We started searching in the back yard and no joke… Right away get two signals for items in the dirt! One is 6″ allowing for grass seemed too deep and the other 2-4″ but read lower, like a 43″ So, the search is on and BAM… JACKPOT!!! Seriously, only maybe one minute thirty seconds! They were shocked it was so fast, as we were too and very happy indeed! Check out the video below and remember… “You loose it, we’ll find it!” (If we are within your area and of course… Checkout The Ring Finders to see if they have someone in your local area if you are in need of help!)
Thank You for watching!
Don’t forget to check us out on YOUTUBE as http://TheBootyHunters.com
Until then… “Keep on Digging!”

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3 Replies to “Lost Ring Burleson,Texas Ft.worth,Texas”

  1. John Gregory Chrystal says:

    my wife has misplaced wedding duo in yard as she likes yard work….I’m disabled but as it’s all internal I dont look it yet but needing 7 operations now its evident….but my concern is our 20 year wedding ring due for her.my backyard or yard.parking along side of road.

    1. John Gregory Chrystal says:

      she likes to do the yard work as l cant she works for govt and we have 3 show dogs….Texans thru and thru….if you guys can help that would be wonderful.we had it enlarged due to enlarged arthritic finger joints but that has gained and whoops it fell off.

  2. Stephanie Davenport says:

    You are welcome to call us! 817-999-0840

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