Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Westport, Massachusetts...Found!

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)



Got a call today from a girl crying that she lost her engagement ring on the beach and went to dicks sporting goods and bought a metal detector and couldn’t find it she told me that her wedding is on Saturday and if I could come down and find it. So I agreed. After an hour and a half ride I met her and her fiance and walked about a half mile out on the beach. After about 15 minutes she was crying again but tears of joy as I handed her her ring. This is why I love this hobby

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  1. Krista Leitao says:

    I called this man in absolute distress and tears after losing my 6000$ princess cut engagement ring of my dreams, at Gooseberry Island in Westport. AND MY WEDDING WAS ON SATURDAY, 3 DAYS AWAY. I had spent the previous night digging in the sand, and then the following morning doing the same until it was late enough in the day to purchase a metal detector from Dick’s, but after about 6 more hours of non stop searching, aided by this new instument ( even with knowing the exact spot I lost it) I still had no results. At this point I was lost as for what to do, except maybe invest in a metal detector costing half the ring! Then I did some research and found this website, and immediately contacted Kent. He was on his way and was here from Plymouth within an HOUR. And then found my ring withing 15 MINUTES! He was so nice and professional and extremely helpful. When we went to hand him our money, he tried to hand all but 20$ back! Absolutely not, Kent deserved every penny and I wish I was in the financial situation to reward him even more! Not only did he save my day and my WEDDING, he was such an awesome happy go lucky person and has a great heart. Me and my fiancé enjoyed his company and his conversation very much! He was such a sweet guy, and I’m still shocked that this service or these type of people exist! Thank-you so much for everything Kent! Your truly are our guardian angel and will never know how much you saved us yesterday. ❤❤❤

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Nice going Kent. This desperate young lady called me in Florida and was in tears about loosing her ring and I am so glad she got in touch with you. Let me know if she said anything about talking to me and if so…that is great to be able to point her to someone locally, like you, to help her. Mike in Sanford

    1. kent says:

      this is kent, thanks I was glad to help her

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