Ring return after 40 years lost

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Hit an old swimming hole and found a couple of rings, after getting out of the water the guy who has been watching me every time I went in and always asked how I did, approached me asking how I did. I told him I had a couple rings and one was a class ring. he ask me what the school was and I told him he then says class of 71? I said yes , a girls ring  another yes, he then gave me initials so I had to look and said yes. he then said her mother is right over there. I walked over to the mother  and introduced myself and asked if she could have her daughter call me  for I found her ring, she started to cry and said she would. After about 5 minutes I got the phone call .and made arrangements to give the ring back. the great part is the ring still fits

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