A very happy young lady from Maine

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Went on vacation back to Maine, went over to Mount Kineo  to do a little water detecting. we had gotten off the ferry and had to walk almost a mile to the beach due to no cars allowed on the island only golf carts that you cant rent. So at about the halfway point a young lady pulled up behind us, telling us she had lost her ring ant the beach the day before and if we found it could we drop it off at the Pro Shop. she shoed me a picture of the ring and said she had went to Peru to study and that was were she got it. she said she couldn’t believe we were there, when she reported it to the Pro Shop there ferryman had said that 2 people just got off the ferry with metal detectors and was headed to the beach. she seemed to be in a hurry,  but later found out that she was rushing to make the ferry trip back to the mainland. She offered to give us a ride to the beach which we excepted. once there I ask where she was sitting, she pointed to the area and before she could leave on my 5 swing she was reunited with her ring. After a few hours we headed back to the ferry. Once there the ferryman said, Great job on finding her ring she’s a great kid  glad it worked out. As you can see in the photo  she’s pretty happy to have her ring back.

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  1. Moira says:

    I am so thrilled that Kent happened to be on the island that day.

    I was about to leave on the shuttle when I decided to let the ProShop know that I had lost my ring. While there, I was informed that two people had recently gotten off of the shuttle with metal detectors and were walking towards the beach where I was almost certain I had lost my ring. What a crazy coincidence! I raced over (well, as fast as you can in a golf cart) and gave them a ride to the beach. I was only there a matter of seconds, and was about to leave to catch the shuttle, when Kent looked at me, smiled, and said “Merry Christmas” while holding out my favorite ring. I was so ecstatic that I started to cry!

    This ring was especially important to me because I had just returned home from studying abroad in Peru. The ring symbolized many aspects of Peru’s indigenous cultures (within the Incan Empire), and was something I purchased during one of my favorite mini-trips within the country. Thank you so much Kent!

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