A very happy guy from Saquish, Massachusetts

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Got a call from Charlie to see if I could find his wife’s ring diamond wedding ring that was lost at the beach Charlie  met me at the gate and I followed him out to the beach. he showed me where he was parked and told me that his wife had taken the ring off and put it in her shorts that she had taken off while there. After scanning the small area for about a half hour I was convinced this is not where the ring was, just a lot of trash was there. I asked him where else they were. He said he backed his vehicle straight back and showed me the area he was parked. As I was scanning my way in that direction I got that sweet sound I was looking for. about 2 inches down in the wet sand came out her ring. I picked it up and headed to Charlie, as I walked up to him I said  I cant believe all the crap I’m finding out here. His response was what did you get this time, I said I got a piece of metal  with a diamond in it and opened my hand and showed him his wife’s ring. I think I saw a tear form. He told me that the ring belonged to his mother who  passed a couple years earlier and that he gave it to  his future wife when they got engaged. That made this return extra special. as you can see in the picture he was defiantly relieved to have it back.

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