Diamond ring returned form Old Silver Beach

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to help him find a ring in waist deep water. I said sure ill meet you there. we got to the location and started swinging  after about 45 minutes I decided to move more off to the side  the first target I got was the ring. My friend gave me the gentleman’s phone number so I called him stating that I found hit and made arrangements to meet the next day.He told me he wasn’t going to tell his girlfriend that I found it just that she had to meet a friend of his fathers. He also told me that the ring was given to her by an aunt that had passed about 11 years earlier. The next day I met up with him and introduced myself and asked her if she was having a good vacation she responded with yes, I said even though you lost this and held my hand out with the ring in it. I could see her eyes  watering up a little with sheer excitement.