Lost Wedding Band In Melrose Massachusetts Under Deck lost for 10+ years

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a call from a gentleman from Melrose Massachusetts about 65 miles from my house. He told me that his farther in-law lost his wedding rind about 10-12years ago under his deck. It seems that the ring fell off and rolled on the deck and found one of the few gaps that it would fit though. The problem is the deck is only 12 inches off the ground and the ring was believed to be more towards the center. He said he would remove the flooring.  I told him i usually don’t travel that far, and asked how he found me? He said that his wife was on the computer and found the Ringf inders and picked me from the 4 of us in Massachusetts. He said that his farther was in the hospital and has stage 4 cancer and has spoken of the ring a few times. Well after hearing that I told him that i could make it in the afternoon of 7/12, He agreed and  agreed to cover my gas expense. I arrived at about 4:40pm, Met Brett and went to the back yard , where half the decking was removed from where the ring was thought to be. I made a pass between the back right floor Joice and nothing went to the next one to the left and nothing but did the third and heard that sweet sound i was hoping for about an inch down was the ring. I picked it up and turned to Brett who was looking the other direction and said “I hope you get this to him” Brett turned and couldn’t believe i had it already.The look on his face was awesome. He was so happy he texted his wife right away with the news.  I gave him the ring and we walked back to my truck to get my camera when i realized that from the time i got out of my truck to when i arrived back it was only about 4 minutes by far my fastest recovery and farthest traveled. God i love this hobby so much satisfaction. Brett gave me a little more than was needed to cover my gas which was very much appreciated.Then the 2 hour ride home began , going through Boston at rush hour but was still worth it . Thanks Chris for for that first reaching out you did to me.


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  1. Brett says:

    Thank you Kent!! My wife and I are so grateful to you for finding my father-in-law’s wedding band. He is battling cancer right now and it means the world to have his wedding band back on his finger as my in-laws have been married for 47 years. I’m so happy that I could give him this small gift. Thank you so much for using your hobby to do good for others and bring joy to people who need it. Thank you again, and keep searching!! – Brett

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