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Lost Car Keys Found In Massachusetts On Cranberry Bog

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

keys 019keys 020Got a call from a gentleman yesterday stating that he lost his keys while jogging. I told him i would meet him the next afternoon and i would see if i could find them for him. He showed me the area that he tossed his keys at so he wouldn’t have to carry them the whole time, after about a minute or so i got signal in all metal i reached down picked up the keys and handed them to him. He was delighted and i told him it’s never that easy. He said that he thought he tossed them a little farther up the brush row. He thanked me and allowed me to get the pictures to post here.

$5000 1.2 carat Diamond Ring lost 17 yrs Returned to owner in Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

A couple weeks ago i met a lad about buying an item she had, when she noticed that i had a couple metal detectors in my truck. She said that her sister had lost her Diamond ring in her back yard and that they rented a couple metal detectors to find it to no avail. I asked her if she wanted me to try and find it and that i didn’t mind trying. She asked how much i told her that i do charge a photo of the return and she said okay with skepticism. On Sunday 10-28-12 i showed up to her house and she was not home,i got in touch with her and asked if i could still look and she said that would be fine. Afetr about 40 minutes i had the ring in hand and was waiting for her to come home, after about 5 minutes she arrived home and i showed her my results. She was ecstatic. I told her i was going to bring to the jeweler and have it cleaned.which he did and also gave me a verbal appraisal. On 11-2-12 i met her,her sister and some friends for the return. She was in awe she kept crying and staring at it. What a feeling it is to be able to do this. oh almost forgot i also had the local paper there also which made it very special, so that the returned can be relived from the article.

Kent Blethen

plymouth ring ak 110212-0125698.jpg

Valerie Lynch, 47, is overcome with emotion after getting back a diamond ring she lost 15 years ago from Kent Blethen, left, a family friend who found the ring last weekend outside the home of Lynch’s sister in Plymouth, Friday, Nov. 2, 2012. Lynch was originally given the 1.2-carat diamond ring by her husband Mike Lynch 20 years ago. The arm of Valerie’s niece Chloe Nichols, 5, extends into the picture.Photo: Amelia Kunhardt/The Patriot Ledger

plymouth ring ak 110212-0125698.jpg
plymouth ring ak 110212-0125703.jpg
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Tears of joy streamed down Valerie Lynch’s cheeks when she was presented with the wedding ring that she lost outside her sister’s Plymouth home in 1995.

“I can’t even believe it,” a surprised Lynch said on Friday evening as she sat in the same house where she lost the ring 17 years ago, surrounded by friends and family members. “In my mind, it was gone forever.”

The Bridgewater woman had taken off her 1.2-carat marquise diamond wedding ring and band at her sister’s house to put sunscreen on her children. After a walk to the beach, she realized that the rings were missing and went back to the house. Neither ring could be found.

A couple of years later, the band was found, but not the ring.

“We came back with the metal detectors and searched the yard so many times,” Lynch said. “I had given up on it.”

Last Sunday, after talking to Lynch’s sister, Vicki Belanger, metal detection hobbyist Kent Blethen of Manomet offered to use his equipment to search the backyard for the ring. Forty minutes later, he had found the ring under an inch of soil.

Belanger said she was so thrilled about the finding that she invited members of the family over on Friday evening for an unveiling.

“I couldn’t believe he had actually found it,” Belanger said. “I knew everyone would love to be here when we surprised my sister.”

Blethen, a member of the Silver City Treasure Seekers in Taunton, has been doing metal detection as a hobby for more than 15 years. He rarely asks for compensation; he says he just enjoys people’s reactions.

“I charge everyone a picture and that’s it,” Blethen said. “The look on their faces is priceless.”

Blethen does most of his searches on beaches and in the water on the South Shore and Cape Cod – places where tourists often lose jewelry while swimming.

He has found wedding rings, class rings, crematory tags and lots of change in his searches. He says the hobby is an art form, and he hopes that by returning lost items he is paying it forward.

“You hope good karma comes your way eventually,” he said. “But no matter what, it’s a great feeling.”

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Gold Class Ring Returned From Freshwater Pond In Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

A couple weeks ago i was detecting my favorite pond when i recovered this gold class ring. After enlisting family and friends i was able to find her, and she still lived in the area. I called her work and told her what i had and she seemed very puzzled that i had her ring. I went to her work this morning and gave her the ring. She still seemed very surprised that i gave it to her. After a thank you and a picture  i left hoping that it brightened up her day.

Lost Palladium Ring Cape Cod Massachusetts Returned

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

On Thursday I went to the Cape to do a little hunting. The forth target was a dated PD950 ring. That night I called a friend that lives down there and told him of my finds.He said that in front of the hotel I was at a  gentleman had lost his ring on Wednesday, and that the hotel had his information at the front desk. He gave me the hotel phone number. I called and spoke to the lady at the desk about what i had and was trying to return it. I told her the date inscribed in the ring and gave her my number and asked her to have them call me. On Friday I spoke to the owner and made arrangements for him to get the ring back on Saturday after i get out of work. Well as you can see today he got it back. The grin says it all. This is why i love doing this hobby.

Lost Wedding Band In Melrose Massachusetts Under Deck lost for 10+ years

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a call from a gentleman from Melrose Massachusetts about 65 miles from my house. He told me that his farther in-law lost his wedding rind about 10-12years ago under his deck. It seems that the ring fell off and rolled on the deck and found one of the few gaps that it would fit though. The problem is the deck is only 12 inches off the ground and the ring was believed to be more towards the center. He said he would remove the flooring.  I told him i usually don’t travel that far, and asked how he found me? He said that his wife was on the computer and found the Ringf inders and picked me from the 4 of us in Massachusetts. He said that his farther was in the hospital and has stage 4 cancer and has spoken of the ring a few times. Well after hearing that I told him that i could make it in the afternoon of 7/12, He agreed and  agreed to cover my gas expense. I arrived at about 4:40pm, Met Brett and went to the back yard , where half the decking was removed from where the ring was thought to be. I made a pass between the back right floor Joice and nothing went to the next one to the left and nothing but did the third and heard that sweet sound i was hoping for about an inch down was the ring. I picked it up and turned to Brett who was looking the other direction and said “I hope you get this to him” Brett turned and couldn’t believe i had it already.The look on his face was awesome. He was so happy he texted his wife right away with the news.  I gave him the ring and we walked back to my truck to get my camera when i realized that from the time i got out of my truck to when i arrived back it was only about 4 minutes by far my fastest recovery and farthest traveled. God i love this hobby so much satisfaction. Brett gave me a little more than was needed to cover my gas which was very much appreciated.Then the 2 hour ride home began , going through Boston at rush hour but was still worth it . Thanks Chris for for that first reaching out you did to me.


Saugerties New York Class Ring Found in Cape Cod

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

In July 2011 I was with a few friends Detecting the Cape Cod waters and found a silver school ring. On the ring was written Saugerties, Grace and 2010. A few days later I started emailing a few of the resource offices at the school along with the Principle.  In November i resent some emails and finally got a response  from the Principle. He stated that he would try to help. The middle of February came and i received  an email stating that Grace had been found and that I will be receiving and email soon. With in a half an hour the email came from Glenn stating that he couldn’t believe that I had found it and was going to return it for only a thank you and a picture. He said she was devastated about loosing it and thought it was gone forever. We made arrangements for me to send it to him ( after I had it cleaned)  for she was in college and he would give it to her during spring break. As you can see in the photo she was great full  to have it back . It’s by far the longest I’ve  taken to track down an owner, I’m just happy i was able too.

Platnium and Diamond ring found and returned in Westwood Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I received an email from a gentleman a week or so before Thanksgiving,  asking if i may be able  to find his wife’s engagement ring that she lost while doing yard work,or if i knew someone in his area that could. Westwood is about an hour or so from me so i said that on Saturday after Thanksgiving i would come up and try to find it,he said his wife knows right where it should be. We made arrangements for me to meet his wife in front of there house on that Saturday. I arrived at 10:05am and she brought me to the back yard where she had a pile of leaves,she said she lost it in a leaf bag so she dumped it under her deck and that’s where it will be. After scanning it for a few minutes, i told her i was confident that the ring wasn’t there. Her faced dropped. I looked on the side of her deck and saw a small pile of leaves and scanned it and BINGO there was the engagement ring. I looked over to her and her back was to me, so i walked over and tapped her on the shoulder and said i  hope this makes your  holiday’s better as i held out the ring. She started shaking a little and the gave me a huge hug and said thank you. After a couple pictures we said our goodbye’s.

Returned Lost school ring in Whitman-Hanson Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

On July 4th i was detecting an older beach that gets little use now.After about 4 hours i came out of the water and was greeted by a gentleman that I’ve been greeted by before and he asked how i did. I told him pretty good i got 4 gold rings and ones a class ring. He asked if it was a woman’s ring which i said yes,was it from Whitman-Hanson a said yes,he gave a date range(she wants to keep that private)i said yes, and are the initials —(also keeping private)I said yes he said her mother is right over there on the neighbors deck. I went over and introduced myself and said i would like to return her daughters ring.She looked at me and i think i could see a tear.I gave her my number and told her to have her daughter call me  because i want to get the ring cleaned up first before i return it.Its been a couple weeks but on July 24 i met with her and gave her ring back, as you can see she was quite great full.

Lost college ring found and returned on Cape Cod Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I found a University of Massachusetts ring a few weeks ago and it had the owners full name in it. IO went to Facebook and punched in his name and found him. It appears he lost it last July while swimming on Cape Cod.I emailed him and he was very excited that i found it but still couldn’t believe i had it.  It was a gift from my dad when i graduated and my heart sunk when i lost it,myself and a few friends looked for it for about an hour.on  June 11 i met up with him and returned it. Man was he some happy!!you gotta love a feel good story.

You lose it, he finds it…Lost Wedding Ring in Plymouth Massachusetts and Surrounding Areas

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

You lose it, he finds it

Armed with a metal detector, treasure hunter Kent Blethen helps reunite people with their lost jewelry


Wicked Local photo/Emily Clark

Corrections Officer Kent Blethen uses his metal detector to help people find lost rings and other jewelry misplaced on beaches, snow banks and other tricky locations.

By Emily Clark
Posted Mar 02, 2011 @ 12:00 PM


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One woman put her rings in a towel when she went swimming in the ocean, picked up the towel when she returned, shivering and wet, and the rings went flying. Where? Who knew? She combed her fingers through the sand with that heavy, sinking feeling of hopelessness that attends a needle-in-a-haystack hunts.

Another woman was shoveling her driveway when her rings slipped into a snow bank. Put major emphasis on “bank,” because it was like saying sayonara to thousands upon thousands of dollars, not to mention the sentimental value invested in that purchase. She knew continuing to shovel might mean pushing the rings into a drain or sending them sprawling. She wondered how her husband would feel.

A gentleman was wiping the snow off his windshield at work when his grandfather’s 14 carat Celtics Ring slid off his finger as he shook the snow off his hands. Another snow bank, another person with some ’splainin’ to do.

Kent Blethen is all too familiar with these scenarios. Blethen, who works as a county jail correctional officer, has been metal detecting for years, helping people find the unfindable. The metal detector was originally a gift for his son but dad wound up enjoying it more.

“It’s a treasure hunt,” Blethen said. “And it’s kind of fun when you find silver coins from the 1700s.”

Blethen hits the beach for many of his searches, but also roams cornfields where he finds historic coins, silver spoons and more rings. He has a storehouse of historic coins, like a genuine King George copper coin from the 1780s. He always asks the property owner for permission to conduct his hunts and always returns later to show the landowner what he found – and hands over any items pertaining to the person’s family.

“People like to know what’s in their yard,” he said. “I leave a lot of stuff behind, like musket balls. I’ll leave them on the doorstep. Or lead toys.”

His focus is mainly buttons and coins – like a George Washington inaugural button he found. Blethen belongs to The Gateway Treasure Hunters of Wareham and the Silver City Treasure Seekers out of Taunton – both organizations dedicated to treasure hunters armed with metal detectors and the thrill of the hunt.

He had toyed with joining the national Ring Finders organization as well, a network of metal detector treasure hunters across the nation who help people find lost rings and other valuables. But Blethen didn’t get involved with Ring Finders until recently, when the gentleman running the organization contacted his club with a request.

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Ring Finders founder Chris Turner says his goal is to offer the world an online directory of metal detecting specialists that will help find their lost jewelry at beaches, parks, lakes and yards around the world.

Turner told Blethen’s group that a woman from Belmont had lost her engagement and wedding rings in a snow bank while shoveling. Could anyone in her area help?

Blethen arrived at the woman’s home, along with Ring Finder Rick Browne from Yarmouth, and both began waving their detectors over the snow.

“We found her ring in 40 minutes,” Blethen said. “She gave us a reward. All we wanted was a picture of the rings and a thank you. But she gave us a reward. Each of us got $300 bucks; she was adamant about it.”

Blethen and Browne both joined  Ring Finders, agreeing to perform these searches for reward money only – and only if the owner of the property could afford a reward. Blethen has found precious jewelry for nothing more than a thank you and a piece of cake, and that’s fine with him.

So, why do people lose their rings and jewelry?

The most common problem this time of year is the cold weather, he said. Low temperatures cause tissue to shrink, which, in turn, causes a person’s fingers to shrink. The same is true of swimming in the cold Atlantic ocean. The result is that ring that fit nice and snug in the store is now doing acrobatics around your finger, and easily slips off into the sand, water or snow.

“Ninety percent of your jewelry is always found in the water because your fingers will shrink two sizes in the water,” Blethen said.

Add an outdoor activity to the mix and the ring can become airborne, rendering it nearly impossible to locate. Rings are also frequently lost inside gloves, Blethen added. The person later picks up the glove and the ring will fall out of it.

A weak clasp, or a clasp that is accidentally bumped can and often does result in lost bracelets.

The remedy is to leave precious jewelry and rings at home if you’re heading to the beach, plan to do some shoveling or join a snowball fight.

What many don’t realize about Blethen and others like him is that these treasure hunters want to help – they are not just about finding treasures for themselves, Blethen said. The vast majority of the people in his groups and others will go out of their way to help people find lost articles, often free of charge. Metal detector sleuths like him also look for identifying marks on found jewelry in an effort to return it to its owner. But that’s not always possible, he said.

“A lot of people think we’re pirates,” Blethen said. “I know a lady who hates the fact that I metal detect. I find on average 25 to 80 gold rings a year. But some of them don’t have names or initials and you can’t return them because you don’t know where they came from.”

Blethen urged anyone who has lost a ring or other important piece of jewelry at a beach, in the snow or on their property to contact Ring Finders online at Blethen and Browne are currently the only two Massachusetts Ring Finders listed on the site.