One for you and one for me!

Brian called me yesterday and said that his wife had lost her wedding ring in their garden almost four months ago. They had searched repeatedly but to no avail. I let him know that I would be there first thing in the next morning. The hour drive went by very quickly and I was there detector at the ready to search. Brian walked me towards their garden, explaining the happenings of that day in October (their anniversary) when the ring was lost. Standing in the small area, he told me about a dream he had the other day about finding the ring himself just 5 feet behind where we now stood. Clearly he had scoured the area multiple times and even borrowed a metal detector to aid his search. With these thoughts heavy on his mind he stepped back to give me the room to begin the search. We thought maybe the ring had been trampled and was just out of sight into the soil. Just as I lowered the detector to the ground, I heard Brain’s ecstatic voice trembling with “Oh my god! there it is!”. Lo and behold at his feet under a small sapling Brian found his wife’s beautiful rose-gold ring in a spot he covered many times before. His dream was just ten feet off! This happy ending would be enough for any story, but just as Brian needed me there to nudge him in the right direction, he unknowingly guided me to another ring recovery that day. After some good conversation and tea, I bid my new friend goodbye to head home. Along the way I decided to stop at a popular hiking path to see if there were any good finds waiting for me. All geared up I stepped towards the gate, and there at my feet, still in the parking lot, I now see a ring short an owner.

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  1. Richard L says:

    Love this!! proves it does not matter how long ago they lost something, The chance they can have that item back is almost 100%.
    Great work!!!

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