Cromer Beach Ring Return

from Suffolk (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07340-257343

                                        This ring was lost in a vast area. I thought it akin to the proverbial needle in a hay stack, just that the hay stack was 800 ft X 200 ft with sand, shells and boulders instead of hay. Not to mention it was covered with 6 feet of chilling 45° F/7.7° C North Sea water two times a day! To say this recovery was a challenge is an understatement; so I put out a nail folded into a ring to see where the tide would take it. I expected it would just be deeper in the sand and maybe within a couple feet from where I had put it.  The next time the tide was down I started a grid for it, but it had now vanished. I had sanitized this area of all targets, so when I received a strong signal about 8 inches down (pulse induction detector) not 6 feet from where I put the nail the last night, I assumed I had found the nail. The happy surprise was your platinum wedding band! After 3 days of searching the last tide removed 8~10 inches of sand and rock from this area putting the ring within the detectors reach. I am happy to return your ring and thankful for your very generous reward! ……………..Now if i could just find that nail…………

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