Lost ring Rochester New York...found

  • from Rochester (New York, United States)

I received a phone call last night from a elderly woman who had lost her ring in her backyard weeding bye the flower bed which is located near a creek 50 yards from her back door. She said she spent a whole month looking for it however her health prevented her from doing a thorough job. She had pretty much given up on it but then she saw my ad and gave me a call. We made plans to meet the following morning and in small town outside of Rochester and after searching for 20 minutes in heavy Ivy and Myrtle, I was able to get a good signal down by her Creek bed. Right next to the garden. She was so thrilled when I told her I found it that she was in a State of shock LOL! We were so thrilled! It made for a beautiful day for both of us! She can’t wait to tell her husband who wasn’t home at the time.  She was such a sweet lady that had I not found it that day,  I would a gone back every day until I did.

This is the recovered ring.



This is the nice elderly woman who lost the ring.


    1. This sweet old woman couldn’t have been more thankful. What a great day!

3 Replies to “Lost ring Rochester New York…found”

  1. Christine Volpe says:

    That is so awesome. It’s a great feeling to be able to help people, especially the elderly. Job well done!!!!

  2. gregg larabel says:

    nice job!

  3. Diane Kron says:

    Fyi, I’m continuing to find myself looking down when I walk anywhere, searching for my ring. I have even gone down to the sand where the pier connects to the water, hoping my ring washes in. No such luck. Thank you again for searching my yard thoroughly. I’ll continue to be looking down and watchful. You never know…..Diane

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